About Us



FSM-Digital and Technology Gospel was founded by Dakuma Lucios.

It is a non-denominational orgranization consist of different church members with one common goal and that is spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through digital and technology.




The main mission of the FSM-D&TG is to make available the FSM-Bibles and local hymns in an electronic format and to publicized them on the internet and also to integrate digital and technology into all the local churches in Micronesia to further the spreading of Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Motto:


Our motto is found in Mark 16:15 "Go everywhere in the world. Tell the Good News to everyone."


Our objectives and goals:


1. Publish all Micronesians Bibles, local hymns, and other congregational songs in an electronic format for people around the world can easily access.

2. Train up local church leaders and Microneisan's and teach them the benefits of using digital and technology in the churches.

Such as,

- Installing computer projectors, computers, record audio and video sermons, install Quickbooks and other accounting software, create websites, and setting up PA sound systems.