Free Downloads

Pohnpeian Bible Software


Instructions on how to install the software on your computers and laptops:


1. Go to

2. Click on the "Download for Windows:

3. Once you downloaded the installation file, double click and follow the wizard, click next, next, and install

4. Download

5. Open the Bpbible icon on your desktop

6. Go to File

7. Go to "Install Books"

8. Browse for the Pohnpeian Bible Text zip file and click on it

9. Then click ok


For those who wants to make the increase the size of your fonts so you can view better, please follow instructions below:


1. Open the BP Bible

2. Go to File

3. Choose Set Fonts

4. Under fon size - choose the size you prefer


For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Users - Follow instructions below:


1. Connect to Wifi connection - make sure you have Internet Connection

2. Go to App Store

3. Type: Pocketsword

4. Install or download

5. Once done - open Pockectsword

5. Go to downloads

6. Bible Text

7. Language and choose -PON- Pohnpeian Language

8. Right side upper corner - choose install

9. You can also install Dictionaries and Commentaries


For Android Users:

1. Go to on your Android devices

2. Type : Android Market

3. Click on Google Play

4. Search for  "And Bible"

5. Run it and go to "more", "Download Documents",

6. Choose language "pon" for Pohnpeian by scrolling down the language chooser,

7. Click "Pohnpeian Bible" for install.

Or follow the steps:

1. Go to Andriod App Store

2. Search for "And Bible" and Install it

3. Find Pohnpeian from the translation dropdown box

4. Select the Pohnpeian and download